Please scroll down for Location, 2023-2024 Class Schedules, Fees, FAQ's and Rules

Please check back for information on the 2024-2025 Season which will start in September of 2024

Registration for the 2023-2024 season is now closed! Thank you for a wonderful season!

***All registrations (including Parent Skate) must be completed and paid for online prior to class.***

***Classes are held at the SUNY Broome Ice Center located at 907 Front Street in Binghamton.  Please see the campus map for detailed location.  Turn onto SUNY Broome Campus at the light across from Starbucks, park in Lot #5 ***

Classes offered for 2023-2024:

Learn to Skate - Ages 4 and up, including adults will have a 30 minute lesson with 30 minutes of practice time.  September - December, classes are on Saturdays.  January - March we offer classes on Tuesdays as well as Saturdays.

Parent Skate - For parents who have a child in the Learn to Skate classes.  You will skate for 30 minutes during your child's practice time.  Parents may not be on the ice during lesson time.  Your Parent Skate may be during the 1st or 2nd half hour depending on your child's schedule.  This is the time for you as a parent to help your child practice the skills they are learning in their classes.  Please enjoy this time with your child as the focus.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (Registration is currently closed)

Saturdays - 10 - 11 am

  •  Session 1  --  Sept 30th - Nov 4th (Registration is Closed)
  • Session 2  --  Nov 11th - Dec 23rd (No classes November 25th)(Registration is Closed)
  • Session 3  --  January 6th - February 17th (No classes February 3rd)(Registration is Closed)
  • Session 4  --  February 24th - March 30th (Registration is Closed)

Tuesdays - 5:15 - 6:15 pm

  • Session 1  --  No Tuesday Sessions
  • Session 2  --  No Tuesday Sessions
  • Session 3  --  January 2nd - February 13th (No classes January 30th)(Registration is Closed)
  • Session 4  --  February 20th - March 26th (Registration is Closed)


Each Session lasts for 6 weeks with one lesson per week.   The cost of one  6 Week Session is as follows:

  • Learn to Skate - $103 per skater
  • Parent Skate - $45 per skater

Students will advance to higher levels as they demonstrate proficiency of all skills in a level.  Each week a skill level update will be sent to you using the email you registered with.  Classes organized by age and ability.  Fees cover the cost of ice time, instruction, materials, and skate rentals (as available).

Payments are made online only, no cash or checks will be accepted.  Registrations must be done before the Session starts.  This includes Parent Skate.

A Membership Fee of $20 will be charged the first time you register for the season.  It will only be charged once per season (per skater).  This fee covers the insurance from USFS that you must have in order to skate in our programs. This fee is non-refundable as you will be registered as a member upon registration.

Scholarship: The Gene Meadows Memorial Scholarship is available for up to five children, who, for financial reasons, may not be able to otherwise participate in the Learn to Skate USA program. Contact us for more information.

Refund Policy: Parent Skate is non-refundable, please see chart for Lesson Refund Policy

 Remaining Lesson Fee

Not refundable
Less Processing Fee
Total Refund
Before 1st Lesson$103$0-$10$93
After 1st Lesson$86$0-$10$76
After 2nd LessonNO REFUND except with medical excuse from doctor,
amount to be determined by BFSC Board.

Class FAQ's

  • What will skaters learn? We follow the Learn to Skate USA Curriculum - Snowplow Sam (Preschool Students)  *****  Basic Levels (School Age Students)  *****  Adult Levels (Adults & some teens)  Updates via email will arrive each week so you can track progress!
  • Are rental skates available at the rink?  Yes! Rentals are included in your class fee.  Figure and hockey skates are available at the rink for as long as supplies last. Skaters are encouraged to provide their own skates - make sure they provide ample ankle support. (New skates will need to be sharpened before the first lesson.) If you have questions on purchasing new or used skates, please contact the club. We recommend a professional skate shop for students progressing through higher levels, see our Merchant Page, rather than a general sports store.  General sports store skates are fine for the beginner skaters.
  • Does the skater need to wear a helmet? It is not required, but those who wish to wear a helmet often wear their bicycle or ski helmet.  There are head band style  head protection that some skaters wear as well.  Any head protection should not cover the skater's face or interfere with their ability to see while on the ice.
  • Are helmets available at the rink? No, helmets are not provided at the rink.
  • If my child falls down, can I go out on the ice and help them up? No.  Part of learning to skate means learning how to stand back up on ice skates!  Instructors and assistants are there for the students, but do understand that this is one of the skills everyone needs to learn.  Also, only registered skaters are allowed on the ice, and parents participating in Parent Skate may only be on the ice during their child's practice time.
  • When should we arrive?  Arrive a half an hour early to your first lesson. This will give you time to get checked in, to find your class and instructor assignment, and to try on different skates. For all following lessons, be sure to arrive with enough time to get ready to hit the ice your class starts.
  • What time will my class be? Your lesson may be during the 1st or 2nd half hour. Please check the badge table for your lesson time.  LTS classes will have 30 minutes of lesson time and 30 minutes of practice time.  Times are based on number of classes, skill levels and instructor availability and cannot be changed.  We cannot guarantee that family members and/or best friends will be in the same class or be able to have practice ice at the same time.
  • What should my skater wear? Clothing should allow for freedom of movement. It is recommended to dress in layers, as skaters may warm up as they begin to exercise. Helmets and padding are strongly encouraged, especially for child skaters. Gloves/mittens must be worn for hand protection.  Wear thin socks for best fit in your skates - heavy socks can cause rubbing and a loose skate fit around the ankles.  No long dresses/skirts that may get caught in your skates.
  • If we miss class, can we do a make-up lesson? Just as in any other sport, if you miss a class/practice, it is just a missed day.  There are no make-up lessons or practice schedules.  Just come back to class when you are able.
  • Can I go to the Tuesday class if I miss on Saturday (or vice versa)? No, each day has it's own roster of students.  The classes are not interchangeable.  Please choose carefully when you register.
  • Why is the Instructor/Coach on their phone?  Instructors use the Leevo mobile tool to track student attendance and their progress of skills.  It shows the instructors where each individual student is with their skills and it helps them decide what to work on that day.  Updates are emailed to you after each class with the newest information entered on skater progress.

Registration FAQ's

  • Do I need to keep track of my Leevo Login?  Yes!  Logging in will ensure you have one account for your family and that everyone's skating levels will be tracked.  This ensures proper class placement when you sign up.  If your skater is in Level 3 or 4 and you don't log in, they could end up back in Level 1.  Also, you will get updates on your skater(s) progress through their skills via email!
  • Can I register everyone in my family in one transaction? Yes you can!  There is no need to register everyone separately.  If you have any questions about the registration process as you are doing it, please use the chat bubble in the lower left corner and Leevo's team will help you out.
  • How do I sign up for Parent Skate? Register yourself as a skater, just as you signed up your child.  As an adult, it will give you the option to sign up for Parent Skate or one of our Adult skating classes. Choose Parent Skate.  Parent Skate gives you 30 minutes of ice time to skate with your child(ren) during their practice time.  This could be the first or second half of the hour. As a Parent Skater, please remember you are on the ice to support your child as they practice the skills they are learning in class.  Please enjoy this time with your child as your focus.
  • What if Parent Skate is Full?  Can you fit me in? Parent Skate is available on a first come first served basis.  Once the slots are full you have the option to take one of the adult classes.  Due to the nature of our classes and instructor availability, we cannot guarantee that you will have lesson time and practice time at the same time as your child(ren).
  • Do I have to pay the registration fee as a Parent Skate participant? Yes, all skaters on Learn to Skate ice must be registered with Learn to Skate USA in order to skate on Learn to Skate ice time.  Because of this, Parent Skate is NOT transferrable to another person.
  • Can I go to the Tuesday class if I miss on Saturday (or vice versa)? No, each day has it's own roster of students.  The classes are not interchangeable.  Please choose carefully when you register.
  • Can you help me with my login? NO!  We do not have access to your account information with Leevo.  Please use the chat bubble in the lower left hand corner of Leevo's website.  Their helpful team will assist you if you are having issues.

Rules at the Rink

  • The Practice Half Hour is for practicing techniques learned in lessons and for Parent Skate. Parent Skaters should assist their students with the skills they are learning in class.
  • Horseplay will not be tolerated, as we value the safety of our skaters above all else. Offenders will receive one warning. Failure to comply can result in removal from the program without refund.
  • No food, beverages, or chewing gum on the ice.  Also, no phones on the ice.  (Instructors may have phones as they use them to track student attendance and skill advancement)
  • Listen to your instructor and have fun!
  • Only Registered Skaters and BFSC Coaches/Instructors may be on the ice.
  • All Registered Skaters must wear ice skates onto the ice.
  • Spectators - You may sit in the spectator areas, keep rink doors and walkways clear and use the provided seating areas to watch from.  Spectators may not step onto the ice.
  • An adult must be in the rink at all times when minor children are skating.
  • Parents, if you need something while your child is on the ice, our volunteers at the desk are happy to help.
  • Any spectator displaying poor conduct will be asked to leave the facility.
  • All spectators should show good sportsmanship, stay positive and always be encouraging!  All skaters learn at their own pace (just as all popcorn kernels pop when they are ready!)  Please encourage your skater at every level!