BFSC Membership Registration

Legal Forms, Waivers and Codes of Conduct for BFSC Membership

Please read the following documents and links, which should each open in a separate tab, then return to this tab and indicate agreement to those which are applicable to your situation.

Before you submit this registration form using the “Submit” button at the bottom of this page, you must legally accept and agree to the statements in all documents/links below. Some are required of all BFSC members, and some are only for parents or guardians of child members.

When submitted electronically, this form is proof that you have read, agreed to, and signed all applicable releases, waivers, forms, code(s) of conduct, and policies required for any type of membership in the Binghamton Figure Skating Club, Inc. (BFSC) as per your indications below.

Copies of all releases, waivers, forms, code(s) of conduct, and policies are available electronically on the BFSC website and on paper at BFSC Club Ice sessions.

When submitted, this form applies to all people registering for membership in the BFSC. The Parental Consent and Parent Code of Conduct forms apply to all parents/guardians of a minor child or minor children.

All members: USFS SkateSafe

Parents/guardians of child members: Parental Consent

Parents/guardians of child members: Parent Code of Conduct

Contact Listing Release Agreement

Contact Listing Release: I (we) give permission to list phone number and email address on a club member list to be distributed to BFSC members only. (Please choose one option.)

Photo Release Agreement

Photo Release: I give permission to use my and/or my child’s photograph for promotional material in the media, on the BFSC Website, on any BFSC social media page, for press releases, and in brochures. (Please choose one option.)

Total: $

You must press the Submit button below in order to submit all your registration data. After your registration data is submitted, you will see a “Thank You” page which also has a link to our payment page if you wish to make an online payment.

Your BFSC membership will not be validated until you make full payment. You may pay for your membership by cash, check (made out to Binghamton Figure Skating Club), or by Paypal / credit card using our online payment system (preferred method). A service fee will be added if you use Paypal / credit card to cover the cost of that service. Your total base cost (not including service fee) is shown at the left.