BFSC Membership Payment

Binghamton Figure Skating Club Membership Payment Page

On this page, you can purchase your BFSC memberships using Paypal or a credit card. A small fee will be added to cover the cost of using these services. For detailed instructions, please see below.

Membership TypeCost
First Family Member$95 (+ $2.45 service fee)
Subsequent Family Member$60 (+ $1.66 service fee)
Introductory Member$40 (+ $1.21 service fee)
Collegiate Member (4 years)$125 (+ $3.12 service fee)
Associate Member$45 (+ $1.32 service fee)
Supporting Member$24 (+ $0.85 service fee)

Your total membership cost should have been provided on the last page of the BFSC Membership Registration form. If coming here directly from that page, your total cost (not including service fees) should be given here: $0.

Please use the buttons above to add your membership type(s) to your cart. Once in your cart, you can adjust the quantity of each type to match your registration. Finally, select a payment option and complete your purchase.

Refund policy: After you have completed an online payment, if you wish to claim a refund, you must send a written request to the BFSC Treasurer, via the treasurer’s email address as listed on our Contact page.