The purposes of the Binghamton Figure Skating Club, as described in our constitution, are:

  • To encourage the instruction, practice and advancement in all types of figure skating
  • To encourage and cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling among skaters
  • To sponsor, produce, or cooperate with production of amateur ice exhibitions and shows

Officers and Governors

The Binghamton Figure Skating Club is governed by its four Officers and three Governors. These are elected each year at the Spring All-Members meeting for a term of one year. For the 2020-2021 skating season, they are:

  • President: Debi Luker
  • Vice-President: Denise Kowal
  • Secretary: Toby Wollin
  • Treasurer: Karen Hinckley
  • Governor: Elaine Livingston
  • Governor: Megan Sheerin
  • Governor: Melissa Viall


The Binghamton Figure Skating Club was founded in 1972. For many years, our home was the semi-enclosed ice rink at Grippen Park in West Endicott, until the historic flood of 2011 damaged the rink beyond repair.

Over the years, the Club has introduced many hundreds of people to the joys of figure skating, and from time to time has hosted famous skaters, including Adam Rippon, a 2016 U.S. National Champion.

In 2009, the Club earned its status as a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, providing it additional flexibility to promote the wonderful sport of figure skating.

The BFSC logo, pictured below, was designed for the club by a local artist, Mr. Klein, based on sketches and ideas from coach and club member, Sue Niland. Founding member of the club, Fred Hottenstein, recalls that happened between 1972 and 1975, not long after the club’s founding in 1972, but a copyright was not actually filed for it until 1998.

Several years ago, the logo was recreated by Alex Feingold using the "PostScript" graphics language, which allows reproduction at any scale with complete precision and no fuzziness. Except for the words, the image is composed completely from circles. Every part of the abstract depiction of a skater in the arabesque position coming towards us, is either a circle or an arc of a circle. The filled in parts are the head in the middle, the arms going to the side and up, and the legs, one down and one up in the back. This design has a quite modern look, and uniquely identifies a skater without specific gender or age in one of the most iconic positions associated with ice skating. In the past the club has offered cloth patches with this logo for sewing onto any clothing, club jackets with this logo embroidered on them, and T-shirts with this logo printed on them. When we celebrated our 25th club anniversary, we offered members coffee mugs with this logo printed on them. Below is a picture of such a mug, showing a version with a large circle around the image and words, which were positioned slightly differently. Two versions can be found on old club brochures.

As every skater knows, skating is based on circles. Originally the figures of "Figure Skating" were controlled exercises skating on one foot around circles, with various turns (3-turns, brackets, rockers and counters). Now we do "Moves in the Field" which include many arcs of circles, and ice dances are all based on lobes (parts of circles). This logo design based on circles seems very appropriate for our sport.

Another important aspect of it is the history of its association with our club from its very beginning. Many generations of skaters have belonged to our club, and some of the original founding members are still with us! The logo is our distinctive symbol which is on our brochures, banner, and letterhead. It is a connection between the club’s current and past skaters, helping to create a continuity which we hope will be carried far into the future.