29th Annual Skaneateles Invitational 2019

Thanks to all our coaches who helped prepare our skaters for the 29th Annual Skaneateles Invitational, Dec. 7-8, 2019. See the results below, and be sure to congratulate these skaters on a job well done!

Lily Bronson (representing the Blue Ridge Figure Skating Club): Pre Juvenile Freestyle 3rd place, Juvenile Compulsory Jumps 2nd place.

Anna DeJohn: Pre-preliminary compulsory 5th place, Pre-preliminary free 1st place.

Olivia Fariello: Pre-preliminary free 5th place, No test compulsory 3rd place.

Ella Luker: Preliminary interpretive 2nd place, Preliminary plus free 4th place.

Kayleigh Moss: Intermediate short 4th place, Intermediate long 6th place.

Sophia Shi: Beginner compulsory 2nd place, Beginner free 4th place.

Hellen Zhang: Pre-Juvenile compulsory 4th place, Pre-Juvenile jumps 3rd place, Preliminary plus free 1st place.